In nearly every case involving home improvement projects and materials, the old adage "you get what you pay for" rings true, this is extremely valuable advice for installed vinyl siding. It's almost always worth it to invest a little more up front for better, more reliable performance down the road.

While vinyl siding is a reliable material for a home, finding a good reliable contractor can be a little tougher. With a product like vinyl siding that must be installed correctly for it to function properly, it can be a big problem if you do not have a qualified installer. Poorly installed vinyl siding won't hold up to high winds, can actually speed up the development of water damage, and actually make a house look worse than before. That being the case, you can be assured you will NEVER have any of these problems with our installers. Because of our confidence in our installers, we provide a lifetime installation labor warranty. Please read our Lifetime labor warranty.

It is extremely important to verify what is or is not included in a siding quote. “Straight siding” usually means that siding ONLY is to be installed. Unfortunately, this still does not mean that one contractors “straight siding” quote is “apples to apples” to another’s “straight siding” quote. Are they both using the same accessories? Are they both including tear-off of old siding? Are they both including jobsite clean-up and haulaway? Are they both using quality installation materials? Are they both including taxes? Etc.

  • We include Mid-America accessories (dryer vents, light mounts, gable vents, electrical blocks, etc.).
  • When caulk is required we use only XtraBond.
  • We always include tearoff of old siding and hauling it away.
  • We always have our installers perform jobsite cleanup.  

The below are guidelines for estimating “straight siding” for your next project.
The cost of the materials is typically determined by the quality of the product. We understand that there is a need for various levels of quality based on the budget of a particular project.

Spiegle Grove vinyl siding installed, approximately $240.00 per square

Fairfield vinyl siding installed, approximately $250.00 per square

Carrington vinyl siding installed, approximately $275.00 per square

There are many additional items that complete a siding project.The below items would all be additional charges if requested (or required) to be a component of the project.  It is extremely difficult to estimate these items without having us stop by to measure your home. 


  • New Gutters & Downs
  • New soffit & fascia
  • New porch ceiling
  • Install window capping
  • Install door & garage door capping
  • Add underlayment or housewrap
  • Replace or repair rotted wood.
  • Install new shutters