We furnish and install vinyl windows, wood windows, storm windows and commercial aluminum windows. We provide windows from 6 different manufacturers offering every possible combination of styles, colors, options, quality & price level.

We can and will install windows for the same price as the $189 companies… BUT…. We want you to be completely informed before a decision is made on how you want us to care for your investment.

A $189.00 installed window lacks many important details.

For example;

  • The $189 window NEVER offers exterior aluminum capping (or “wrapping”) at this price. The advantages of the custom aluminum capping are many; it looks much better, it provides a maintenance free exterior and provides a superior weather & water barrier.

  • The $189 window offers NO screen at this price. Obviously most owners and tenants would like to have screens on their windows and if you rent Section 8, screens are required.

  • The $189 window often uses a window that has a mechanically fastened unwelded mainframe.We only offer fully welded windows because they are much stronger and better performing than mechanically fastened windows.

  • The $189 window offers NO interior trim, L-angles or moldings. This usually leaves the owner to contend with unfinished wood edges; adding additional costs of paint & labor.

  • The $189 window generally offers NO warranty at this price. If you are selling your property, you do not have the selling feature of offering the buyers a copy of fully transferable lifetime warranty. If you are keeping the property, you will not have any uncertainties if something unfortunate would arise with your windows.

  • The $189 window does NOT include clean-up and haul-away of old windows.

  • The $189 window uses a low grade (cheap) caulk.

  • The $189 may or may not include installed perimeter insulation.

  • The $189 window is to be straightforward, a cheaply made window.

  • The $189 window does not include delivery of the windows.

  • The $189 is before tax, approx $202.00 total after tax.

  • The $189 window usually has a $100 measure fee per job.

  • The $189 price usually requires a minimum of 10 windows per job.

We will beat any written quote from any of the $189 window companies, using their exact quote specifications.     

Exterior Capping Examples (Not Included in $189 Window)

We use Alsco .019” thick aluminum coil is custom bent to provide a lifetime maintenance free exterior. We stock over 30 different colors of coil or can special order in over 100 different colors!

We use Xtrabond Silicone which is considered to be one of the the BEST in the industry!